Trees are an amazing resource. From nothing but soil, air, water and sun they create a building material unmatched for beauty, toughness, and sheer usability. So if you have to take a tree down for land clearing, renovation, construction or safety reasons, why throw it away?

Using my custom portable mill (and more than a few years of experience) I can turn almost any downed tree from a disposal problem into valuable timber - right on the spot. If you're looking for a special piece of lumber, you can check out my inventory of wood here.

By not burning the trees, or letting them rot, this process also helps sequester the CO2 stored in the wood, which would otherwise be released into our already-warming atmosphere.

Look through the site to see how the system works and what I have been able to do for others.

Please contact me anytime for an estimate, (I do most of my work in and around my home city of Vancouver Canada) or just drop me a line to talk trees.

Mike Bjelos

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