Al Brown nurtured and watched this great big Douglas fir grow to its glory, rising strong and true over Kitsilano with abundant water and lots of sunlight. But over the years, roots grew into his sewer line, lifted the sidewalk and the tree had grown too close to the power lines. So it had to come down.


When I suggested I could mill it up into lumber for him, I could see Al’s spirits rise and after a few more questions, he hired me to do the job. Before he completely cut the tree into firewood blocks, I asked the arborist for a 20’ straight piece with as few knots as possible.
The arborist fell the 20’ piece right across a busy Macdonald street, forcing traffic to come to a standstill. A few able bodies came to rescue, rolling the log into the curb lane.
 I decided to mill the log right there.

Al needed a bunch of 5” X 5” posts which I milled to the full 20’ length so he could cut them down as desired.

Here's the mill in action. The log stump sitting on top is a counterweight to help keep the cut straight.
You can see the big 5” slab in this photo. As I began to mill the log in the busy Vancouver neighbourhood, the chainsaw drew onlookers curious about the process. Many asked me what I was going to do with the wood, others asked about my services for their own needs.
A much better end for such a great tree.


© 2008 Mike Bjelos, Enviro Tree Milling