Tree Services in the Lower Mainland

BC Tree Service (Tree removal and Pruning) 

Davey Tree Service (Tree removal and Pruning) 

Bartlett Tree Experts (Tree removal and Pruning)

Chain Saw Collectors and Companies

Chain Saw Collectors Corner 

Stihl Canada 


Other People Turning Waste Wood into Lumber and Furniture

 Urban Tree Salvage 

Urban Tree Harvesting 

West Coast Wood Designs 

Tree 2 Table 

Wood Co-opsClubs and Guilds

The Wood Co-op 

Pacific Woodworkers Guild 

Woodworkers Clubs of BC 

Timber Framers Guild 

Resources and Information

BC Ministry of Forests 

Canadian Forests Web-Site 

Tree Canada 


Robin B. Clark Inc.Natural Resource Consulting 

Vancouver Park Board Street Tree Management Program 

Computing Moisture Content in Your Wood


Arboriculture Training   

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